The leaving village


    Home of lavender

Malo Grablje – the leaving village

Today, trees and weeds grow rampant between the ruins of the abandoned village. But once upon a time, lavender bloomed in the gardens and fields, next to the vines. Beekeepers can harvest several kilos of honey here every year. The neighboring village of Velo Grablje was known far beyond the borders as one of the largest producers of lavender oil. But meanwhile Velo Grablje is almost empty. Few stayed. Many a hiker wonders why people gave up their homes and moved to the coast.

Berti Tudor knows the answer. He is the only one who has come back so far (Konoba Stori Komin). During the summer months, he feeds hungry day-trippers at his family home. He spent his childhood in the village until the family moved to the bay. It was simply easier to live from tourism there than far away in the mountains. 180 people gave up their homes.

The deserted village of Malo Grablje is around seven kilometers from the town of Hvar, clinging to the mountainside above Milna Bay. The village is best reached on foot, directly from the road from Stari Grad to Hvar, opposite the Milna junction. Sun protection and good shoes are recommended for the hike. The camera should also not be missing for great photos of supposed lost places.

Insider tip: Konoba Stori Komin

Berti Tudor invites you to the table

Between the ruins of the abandoned village, things suddenly come to life. Berti Tudor runs a small restaurant here with specialties from his homeland.
Konoba Stori Komin is no longer an insider tip, the qualities of Berti Tudor have spread over the last 15 years. From spring to autumn it is open daily from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.
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